Woman Leaves Long-Distance Girlfriend For Longer-Distance Girlfriend

In devastatingly unsurprising news, Oakland resident Helen Klaas recently broke it off with her long-distance girlfriend based in New York, for a far longer-distance relationship with Izzy, who lives in Switzerland.


“It was never easy doing long distance with Nadia,” says Helen about her recent ex. “But then I met Izzy through a friend in a Zoom recently, and even though she lives in Europe, I can really see this going somewhere.”


This optimistic outlook comes with conflicting past experiences, as long-distance was often a point of contention between Nadia and Helen.


“Helen always bailed on our planned video chat dates to hang out with her friends in person. And then she would complain about how she doesn’t feel that connected to me,” Nadia recalled. “But we did see each other at least every other month.”


Still, Helen is confident about her new relationship’s prospects.


“What Izzy and I have is exciting and passionate; we talk all the time. And it just goes to show that love transcends physical distance. And I’m sure one day it won’t be long-distance anymore, but we haven’t really talked about all that yet.”



We reached out to Izzy for comment but, due to time zone differences, were unable to connect.


Sources report that no matter the longevity of Helen and Izzy’s relationship, it is clear that Helen loves pining after people who are far away.