Woman Leaves Cryptic Message in Notes App for Future Self to Decipher

Minneapolis resident Marin Richards has confirmed the allegations that she leaves cryptic messages in her Notes app for her future self to figure out.


“I can’t make it too easy for her, can I?” says Marin, ominously referring to her future self in the third person. “The last note I left was just a link to the Wikipedia page for Saint Bernards followed by a question mark. I mean, what am I supposed to make of that?”


Even given her unfavorable opinion on the matter from a future-self perspective, reporters say they still saw Marin scrawl ‘Airpods – Tuesday’ in her Notes app shortly after making this statement.



“It’s really hard to stop,” she admits. “In the moment, I usually feel so rushed that I scribble something meaningless down and swear that I’ll remember what I meant when I read it in the future. Unfortunately, that’s almost never the case.”


Sources confirm that her habit of leaving perplexing notes extends beyond just herself.


“One time she left a Post-It on my mirror that just had ‘7pm’ written on it, underlined three times,” says Marin’s roommate, Lydia Chafer. “Was something arriving at 7? Was she coming home then? Did we have plans that I forgot about? Honestly, would it kill her to leave a few more details?”


When asked if she’s ever been successful in deciphering one of her own notes, Marin responded in negative, but said that she was “getting closer every day”, while also admitting that her personal and professional life was “in disarray”.


At press time, Marin was spotted typing the full-ass Sphinx riddle from The Odyssey into her Notes app, and was allegedly overheard muttering, “She’ll know what I mean…or she’ll pay the price.”