Woman at an Age Where She Uses Phrases Like ‘I’m at an Age Where…’

In reports out of Chicago, 29-year-old resident Kristine Davina is now at an age where she uses phrases like “I’m at an age where…”


Davina says this has been “a long time coming” and that she has been steadily building toward this for her entire life.


“It feels good to have reached a point in my life where I’m actively reflecting on my past, present, and future,” she says. “I’m at an age where it’s easy to forget how you used to be when you were younger – but thankfully that’s not the case for me.”


When asked how someone might know when it’s the right time to start using phrases like that, Davina says it’s all about how you personally feel.


“Some people are old souls,” Davina says. “My best friend started saying things like this when we were in high school. I didn’t understand it then, but boy do I understand it now.”


Being at this age also means she’s doing things like stretching in the morning, not out of desire but out of necessity, and using em dashes in her texts.



Beyond just saying “I’m at an age where”, Davina says she has also worked to incorporate this mentality into different facets of her life.


“It’s all about being hyper-aware of your mortality, and using that to drive your everyday activities and interactions,” says Davina. “You also have to become weirdly averse to any new music.”


Sources close to Davina say she now also regularly uses phrases like “Back in my day” and “When I was in college”.


“The ‘back in my day’ came as a real surprise, even to me,” Davina says. “I used to be under the impression that was something only people over 70 would even consider uttering, but I guess that just goes to show, with age comes wisdom.”


At press time, reporters say Davina was adding “with age comes wisdom” to the list of things she’s now at an age where she says.