Roommates Moving Out Can’t Remember Whose Boyfriend This Was

Due to an especially hectic day of moving out of their apartment in Chicago, a trio of roommates can’t seem to remember whose boyfriend that was left sitting at the kitchen table.


“We thought we finally finished packing and splitting up all the furniture, but then we looked and saw we forgot about clearing out the kitchen area,” says roommate Nadine Santos. “The stand mixer was easy, because Jenna got that as a Christmas gift. But the guy? He’s been here too long for anyone to remember.”


All three roommates have told reporters they have vague recollections of seeing the boyfriend around and doing various boyfriend activities, but just can’t pinpoint whose boyfriend he was to begin with.



“He looks so familiar. I have a memory of him cuddling with someone on the couch last winter and watching The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, but I can’t recall who he was sitting next to,” says roommate Fatimah Osman. “But I also feel like I got lunch with him once, so he might be my boyfriend?”


Sources report that the roommates tried to find a paper trail or any concrete evidence of whose boyfriend he definitively was, but to no avail.


“I checked Venmo, but it looks like all of us have Venmoed him at some point or another, so that was a dead end,” says Jenna Weimar. “And in any photo of him on our Instas, he just has his arms around all of us. He could really be anyone’s boyfriend at this point.”


In the meantime, the trio have come up with a communal solution to share the boyfriend until they remember whose he was. They agreed Jenna needed a boyfriend the most for an upcoming wedding the next month, and then Nadine and the boyfriend will go to a wine tasting her co-worker is hosting, while Fatimah will bring the boyfriend to her parents’ wedding anniversary party later in the spring.


“It’ll be like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!” exclaimed Nadine while putting the boyfriend into her U-Haul. “Maybe it was meant to be like this the whole time.”