Woman Horrified to Find Thing She Likes Is Actually Huge Trend

In hair-raising news coming from 26-year-old Riley Moore’s closet, Riley has recently delved into finding her own unique sense of fashion only to tragically discover the things she likes are not her individual interests as much as they are part of a much larger fashion trend.


“I created a whole Pinterest board with business wear, bows, and kitten heels thinking that I was curating my own unique style,” Riley told reporters. “But later on, I checked Vogue.com and found that almost all of what I added to my board were all on their Spring 2024 Trend Watch. Am I just a pawn in the greater scheme of things?!”


Once she made this discovery, Riley was forced to reevaluate everything she liked, even beyond her fashion sense.


“Do I even like banana pudding?” she asked. “Or is it just something that popular culture thrusted upon me, too? And what about my boyfriend? Do I only like him because I’ve been brainwashed by the media? Who’s really to say?”


While fashion scholars pointed out that romantic attraction does not necessarily relate to fashion sense, they did find it interesting that Riley’s boyfriend is always decked out in the business core trend that she is very fond of.


“I feel like I’m in the Truman Show,” Riley told reporters. “Even if I did curate a style that seemed one-of-a-kind, how would I know that it’s my own unique taste and not directly influenced by the fashion industry?”


One fashion scholar offered her advice on this dilemma in the hopes to help Riley and others with this predicament.



“Creating your own personal style can be difficult at first but it’s always worth it in the end, however, no one lives in a vacuum. Everyone’s influenced by their surroundings — it’s just human nature,” Janessa Deso, Editor at GORG Magazine, told reporters. “However, Riley should have known better. I mean, kitten heels have been trending for, like, more than a year at this point.”


At press time, Riley took up wearing lederhosen every day, as it was the one of the only styles she could not find currently being discussed on any fashion websites, that is, until Elle Magazine published their cover story “Are Lederhosen the Next Kitten Heel?”