Woman Going To See Whatever Fucked Up Shit A24 Has Out Right Now

In an extraordinary sequence of events coming out of Brooklyn, NY, 24-year-old Alia Douglass is on her way to see whatever fucked up shit A24 has out at the movies right now.


“I’ve had a rough couple of days,” Alia told us. “Work’s been crazy this week, and then earlier today I spilled coffee on myself, so I’m basically just taking a really needed break to go see an A24 movie alone, no matter how fucked up it is.”


What an inspiring display of self-care!


When she got to the theater, Alia ended up buying a ticket for Lamb, which is about a childless couple in rural Ireland who discover a weird-looking, half-sheep, half-human newborn in their sheep barn and decide to raise it themselves.


“Sounds absolutely twisted,” Alia said. “I’m so excited to see it!”


This is definitely not the first A24 movie that Alia has attended in theaters – she has actually been a fan of the production company for many years now.


“My favorite A24 movie is probably Zola, but Hereditary was really good too,” she explained. “Both of them were pretty fucked up though, not gonna lie. I’ll watch any fucked up thing as long as the cinematography is that on-point.”


When asked about the appeal of fucked up shit like Lamb, Alia was happy to fill us in.


“I have no idea what it’s about. I didn’t even read any of the reviews for it,” she told us. “But I just want to sit back, relax, and then get tense again from the insane and chilling imagery that will inevitably happen on screen.”


Yeah, we totally get that!


We were also able to ask Alia about her anticipation for A24’s upcoming projects, like Red Rocket, C’mon, C’mon, and After Yang, which are all coming out in the next few months.


“I literally haven’t heard of any of those,” Alia told us. “But yeah, I’ll probably end up seeing them. Like, why not?”



So true! We’ll probably end up seeing them too, no matter how fucked up or normal they might be.


We hope that Alia has an amazing time watching literally whatever the hell A24 shits out next, even though none of us know what it’s about or how scary it might be. It’ll probably still be good though! Or at least, like, artsy?