‘Having a Child is a Love Like No Other,’ Says Woman Who Underestimates How You Feel About The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

In breaking news coming out of a small party you went to where you only knew one person, one woman told you that “having a child is a love like no other,” despite clearly having no idea how passionate you are about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and the Housewives franchise in general.


“Ever since I had my baby Kai back in August, my life has totally changed,” said Alicia, the woman you just met. “Now I can’t even imagine what life would look like without my family.”


Interestingly enough, that’s the same way you feel about these SLC-based housewives. Who would you be without the knowledge of Mary Cosby being married to her step-grandfather? You have no idea!


“But I have to admit, I’m so exhausted,” Alicia told you. “It’s hard having to give all of my attention to one person every day, all the time.”


“Alicia thinks she’s experiencing something unique,” you say. “I’m also exhausted from constantly thinking about Jen Shah’s drama, especially the fact that she got arrested last episode while wearing box braids. Giving so much of yourself to RHoSLC is a deeply challenging but rewarding endeavor.”


According to reports, Alicia hasn’t even seen the show.


“I don’t really do any of the same things I did before I was pregnant,” Lisa said. “Especially watching TV. None of those things seem to really matter any more.”


You can only hope that she’ll change her mind when she’s older.


Despite getting some really good advice on which Real Housewives franchise is the best to watch right now, Alicia remained unconvinced.



“I just don’t think that raising a child and watching a weekly Bravo show are the same type of love,” said Alicia. “But to each their own, I guess.”


At press time, Alicia still thinks that raising a child is the greatest love you could ever experience, but you still believe that while raising a child may be nice, watching rich women destroy each other verbally, emotionally, and mentally is ultimately more fulfilling.