Woman Gets Married on Boat So No One Can Leave Early

In order to prevent guests from leaving early, one New York City bride has decided to host her wedding on an idyllic yacht ride along the Hudson River.


Though guests thought highly of the reception at St. John’s Cathedral and were excited when boarding the flower-decked yacht in New York Harbor, they quickly realized that they would be trapped on board until the bride saw fit to end the night’s festivities.


Unfortunately, the at-sea reception was not for everyone.


“I have to catch a 6am flight tomorrow morning, and was planning on leaving after their first dance,” her brother, Stephen, says. “But I guess we’re just fucking doing what Julie wants tonight.”



After the lovely steak and risotto dinner served onboard, at least ten guests who would have normally exited the wedding after dinner could be found vomiting off the sides of the yacht as the waters became turbulent.


“It would be nice to at least have the option to leave,” the groom’s cousin said, slowly sipping ginger ale to calm her stomach. “But I guess they want to keep us all prisoner for some reason.”


Later that night, witnesses reportedly saw the bride chastising a man who requested to dock early to reach his mother, who had just been hospitalized.


Near the bridge, a bridesmaid was seen arguing with the ship’s captain, begging him to return to shore. She then hitched up her dress and ran to jump off the boat before the bride pulled her away from the railing.


The bride then whisked her away for a “mandatory bridesmaids’ dance” to the wedding band’s rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”