Why I Stopped Moisturizing My Lips and Started Letting Them Shed Their Skin Like a Snake

woman smiling

Keeping my lips moisturized has been a constant, arduous battle. No matter how much water I drink or how many tubes of Aquaphor I go through, my lips have always remained one too-spicy rigatoni away from flaking off like chipped paint. Recently, I said “enough is enough” and quit trying to keep my lips moisturized altogether and instead embraced the idea of them shedding their skin every month like a jungle python.


I have never felt more like myself, or like a big snake.


I’ve freed myself of the anxiety of wondering whether my lips are chapped and crusty and embraced the knowledge that they are, in fact, very chapped and crusty, but only for a short period of time before they fully molt and I’m left with fresh, near-bleeding lips! Plus, I no longer need to consider spending a small fortune on lip balms. My anaconda of a mouth made the pressure of getting better lip care fade away completely!


It has been so empowering to stop feeling the need to constantly better myself.


Although this experience has been transformative for both my emotions and my lip skin, others in my life haven’t expressed similar excitement. Specifically, my roommate won’t stop saying things like, “Did you even try drinking more water first?” and “I don’t like finding your dried lip husks scattered around the apartment that we share.”


I guess I don’t understand why she can’t just be happy for me.



Yeah, my dead lip skin is now taking up a significant portion of my apartment, but we both pay rent, Katie, and you don’t hear me complaining about your boyfriend who’s always over! At least my lip husks don’t try to talk to you while you’re on your way to the bathroom.


Ultimately, I’ve decided to ignore the naysayers, drink even less water than before, and continue to embrace my monthly lip slough. I love feeling like I have two lip-sized snakes living on my face at all times, and my lips have never been more raw. This isn’t a benefit, it’s just something I noticed.