Why I Stopped Dating Guys My Age and Started Dating Guys Who Were Born as Old Men and Are Aging in Reverse

Sadly, I find that most young women my age who end up with men from the same age group often have to help raise them too. However, young women who start relationships with older men seem to suffer another cruel fate of always being the less experienced one in the relationship. These dynamics are precisely the reason why I stopped dating men my age and started only dating guys who were born as old men but are now aging in reverse.


I finally found what works for me, and I’m never looking back!


Although men who are aging backwards can be particularly hard to find (thank God for Hinge settings!), I’ve frankly never been happier than when I’m with them. Sure, every time I meet a reverse-aging guy we have to face the cruel tragedy that our love has a certain time constraint before he eventually turns into a child, but it sure beats having to pick up his dirty laundry every day!


While twenty-something men are preoccupied with their futures and hoping they succeed enough in their careers to finally slow down and possibly start a family, men who were born old and age backwards have usually saved up lots of money from when they were old and respected enough to become CEOs with minimal questioning from their respective companies.


I mean, how could you resist?



Admittedly, I’ve always been a little more drawn to older men, but I never thought that a relationship between a younger woman and an older man could be so reciprocal! For example, this one guy I’m seeing has been teaching me about the importance of calcium, while I’m teaching him the importance of Partiful. It’s a match made in heaven!


So, if there are any girls out there who are sick of dating men their own age and are considering dating older men, I would strongly suggest dating an older man who will only get younger from here on out! You won’t regret it! Or maybe you will. Honestly, you probably will.