Why I Love Looking at the Internet

Everyone has a thing they love: bowling, ice skating, bowling. Me? I love looking at the internet.


You ask, “Why?” I say, “Here’s why.”


The internet has words, pictures, sounds, and songs. Looking at it is so much fun! Sure, it’s not perfect. Some of the words, pictures, sounds, and songs are bad, or even scary. But still, my take is, in terms of the internet: I love it!



Do you like to read? Well, on the internet, there are new things to read every day. Newspaper? The internet has it. Books? It is so. A picture of books? Yes; you can read that, too! Anything you would like to read can be read on the world wide web of things to read. It is like magic! New thoughts, new words, all days!


Even on Sundays. Even on Christmas.


If reading is not so much your cup of tea and your cup of tea is friends, here are a few internet pages for that: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Some of your friends use these pages—promise! On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, your friends will tell you what they are doing and write down their funny thoughts! Haha. You can even make a page for your own funny thoughts too. Tweet tweet! [<—hyperlink to www.twitter.com]


Not yet sold?


On the internet, you can use for email. Email is like mail, but “E,” AKA electronic. Bomb! You make an email on the internet and it sends to your friend’s internet, which is, in fact, the very same internet. Then, your friend can read your letter and, with the help of her internet, send a letter back to you. Wow!



Anyone can post on the internet. That’s right! You? Yes! Me? Yes, too! No matter your race, creed, gender, or me, we can all post on the internet. Everyone’s feelings are there for you! Write, write, write! If you like to write your feelings, you will LOVE the internet, guaranteed. Comment on what other people post—whatever you want!


In conclusion, I am a firm proponent of the web and its many uses. Won’t you join me?