Why I Let My Boyfriend Cum on My Face Because I Never Won a Kids’ Choice Award

I like to be as adventurous as I can in the bedroom, and that means trying out every possible fantasy I have with my longtime boyfriend. However, my number-one dream has always been to receive a Kids’ Choice Award, and while I haven’t been able to experience this in real life yet, my BF is helping me get as close as I can by regularly cumming on my face.


There’s no better feeling than getting unexpectedly blasted with slime, and even though it might never happen to me on a national stage, I’m still so thankful that I get to experience it at least a few times a week in the privacy of my own home.


Also, just to be clear, I’m still open to receiving a Kids’ Choice Award in the event that I get cast in a family friendly film or a new cartoon (I’m even down to join a girl group!), but in the meantime, why wait? I can still get a viscous substance shot into my eye without a tedious voting process, and for me, that’s empowering.


Take that, Nickelodeon!


My boyfriend Greg is also super supportive of my blimp-award-specific kink. He lets me make my entire acceptance speech every time we have sex, and he even makes sure to wait to cum on my face until I least expect it. He also lets me call him “Nick” in bed, which I make sure to say when I tell him, “I didn’t see that one coming!”



Of course, there are also lots of people out there who don’t like it when their partner cums on their face. I can totally understand that point of view — it isn’t for everyone! But I also think those people just don’t want a Kids’ Choice Award badly enough.


To each their own, I guess!


So even though I deserve a Kids’ Choice Award and should have gotten one by now, letting my boyfriend cum on my face makes me feel a little closer to my dream each time. I’m still trying to figure out how to make his cum green, though.