Whoa! This Woman is Technically PMSing but Also Has a Very Valid Point

In an inspiring story out of Kansas City, Missouri, menstruator Kelsey Wagner managed to make an extremely valid point while in the throes of PMS.


As she and her friends were in a tense discussion over another friend’s recent behavior, Kelsey firmly – but loudly – suggested that maybe she’s just going through a lot right now and needs more empathy than direct confrontation.


Incredible! Kelsey proved that you can be three days away from your period but also offer a totally sound judgment when needed.


“When she started getting all worked up, I was like, oh god, Kelsey is about to say some crazy shit,” says her friend, Raina Vasquez. “But once she said it, I was like, wow, that’s a better idea than any of ours.”


Several other friends agreed that her perspective was both incredibly insightful and decidedly on point.



“I actually didn’t even know she was PMSing until someone told me afterward,” says friend Derek Frank. “But when I found out, I was like damn, our country would be better if we had a woman president who is just constantly PMSing.”


Kelsey admits that her point was super valid, even though the idea of making points just made her cry for some reason.


“You would think that just because I’m overly emotional this week that I must be wrong,” Kelsey told us. “But it turns out that women can be both emotional and extremely correct, especially when surrounded by people who are being fucking assholes.”


Kelsey admits she is also being kind of a bitch this week, but we know she means well. Go Kelsey!