Hot! This Woman Kept Her Bra on During Sex to Make It Seem Like a Movie

If you feel like your love life is getting stale or routine, then Olive Felder is one woman who cannot relate! This 27-year-old kept things fresh in her bedroom by keeping her bra on during sex to make it seem like she was an actress in a movie with a nudity clause.


“Every adult knows that representations of sex in movies aren’t usually the most realistic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few spicy tricks you can’t pick out from the rom-coms that shaped your sexuality,” says Olive. “That’s why I decided to leave my lined t-shirt bra on during sex.”


Is it hot in here, or are we just imagining having sex in an underwire, full-support brassiere?


“Having sex with my boobs and nipples covered really made me feel like the main character of my own love story, and that’s hot to me,” Olive adds. “I even tried to wrap myself in the top sheet afterward, but it was, like, impossibly hard to do.”


But while Olive basks in her post-bra-coital glow, others voice skepticism about this method.


“I think the only reason people wear bras in movie and TV sex scenes is to maintain a certain rating or because the actor doesn’t want to do nudity,” says Olive’s friend Suki Greene. “It’s not even one of the unrealistic things that makes movie sex seem more appealing.”



“Bursting through the door making out, both people always coming at the same time, there somehow being no cleanup — these are tropes I might want to emulate,” Suki adds. “But sex with no titties out is not something I long for.”


Olive, however, is undeterred by this negativity.


“I’ve had my taste of movie sex, and I loved it,” Olive says. “Now I just want to work up to the level of movie sex where we’re so consumed by passion that we actually leave on all of our clothes.”


“Neither my partner nor I have been wearing a lot of pants with buttons or flies lately,” Olive adds. “But we can just pull our sweats down to the knee.”


Now that is sexy!