Whoa! This Ancient King Died So You Could Flirt With the Hot Guy in This Museum       

Tourists and scholars alike flock to museums around the world to admire great works of art and learn about ancient cultures, but let’s be honest: you just go for the dick. And luckily for your boy-crazy ass, King Tutankhamun of Egypt died in 1323 BC just so you could flirt with that cute guy walking through the Ancient Civilizations exhibit!


Wow, super cool of King Tut to take one for the team like that!


While your friends don’t understand your affinity for only going to museums to scope out the hotties, you couldn’t be surer of your life choices everytime you approach the Tut exhibit surrounded by European hotties who can get it. It was like, pretty cool for King Tutankhamun to die just so you could have a chance with him. That dude reading the information on the wall is so hot!


“King Tut had a better jewelry collection than I do,” you joked to the hot stranger.


When he laughed, you were 100% sure that Tut is true wingman material.


“She was really sweet,” said TJ, the sexy dude who fell for your flirtations by the Tut exhibit. “And smart! I was glad she started talking to me.”


And we’re glad that that ancient boy king died and was subsequently entombed in a pyramid in an elaborate mask so you could say, ‘That’s one hell of a Halloween costume!’ That one really got a laugh from the biceps guy from Spain.


Museum curator Maria Russo said she often sees visitors use the Tutankhamun exhibit specifically to get their flirt on.



“Something about the artifacts really gets people going,” she said. “Maybe it’s facing the mortality of it all that makes strangers pair off and start their long journey to Bone Town.”


And it seems like it worked! TJ asked you out to grab coffee before you left the museum. But don’t limit yourself! Word is there’s an exhibit on King Perub of The Old Kingdom coming to town. Honor his legacy by getting some more numbers!