White Woman Doing The Hard Work of Saying, ‘I Have a Lot of Hard Work to Do’

Aimee Mattheson has been scrolling through social media these past few weeks in absolute disbelief of all the injustice that she is just realizing exists. And after admitting she has done little in the past to fight it, she has begun the hard work of telling everyone how much work she has to do.


“We really need to do something about this,” she wrote in a comment. “I have a lot of work to do to educate myself and fight racism.”


Nevertheless, she got to work delivering on this promise by sharing articles and info on her various social media accounts with an accompanying “I have a lot of hard work to do” message. She also responded, “We clearly have a lot of hard work to do” on various friend’s posts.


By the end of the week, she was exhausted simply from saying she needs to do hard work.



After a few days of this, several friends became suspicious of what this hard work actually meant and began commenting with suggestions for potential action items. She took the time to individually respond to each suggestion with “This is great, thanks! I have a lot of hard work to do!”


“We’re not really sure what’s going on with Aimee,” said her friend, Carrie. “We’ve all reached out with suggestions and invited her to come protest but she just responds with that hard work line. It almost feels like she has an auto-reply set up.”


“It kind of feels like she could just do the work and not keep posting about doing it and also maybe not even refer to it as work?” said another friend, Kristie. “I texted her explicitly asking what she was planning to do and she just repeated the same line and said she needed to take a nap.”


After a few more days of posting, things seemed to calm down and Aimee started getting back to normal life. After looking at her previous highlighted stories, Aimee nodded solemnly: “Looks like my work is done here.”