White Friend More Intolerant of Gluten Than Racism

Despite having no clear medical reason to do so, twenty-four-year-old Kate Bogart recently decided to go on a gluten-free diet. Though the health improvements are inconclusive so far, one thing is clear: Bogart is now more intolerant of gluten than racism.


Marie Pao, one of Bogart’s closest friends, explains one such incident.


“I went to dinner with Kate last night,” she says. “She didn’t say anything when the waiter called me Mulan, but then nearly went into shock when he brought out the breadbasket.”


Bogart has explained multiple times to her friends how even a single trace of gluten can really throw her diet off-track, reportedly saying, “Look, it’s either gluten-free or it contains gluten. There is no in-between.”


Meanwhile, Bogart thinks issues like white supremacy are “complicated.”


“Just because you support Trump doesn’t mean you’re racist,” she says. “Like, my dad is just afraid of losing his job, but he’s still a really good guy.”


Sources say that Kate is quick to empathize with her friends when they detail the prejudice they’ve experienced. But she also thinks that they’re “taking things a little too seriously”.


“Racism is bad. Duh! But not every comment about race is racist!” Bogart explains. “You have to brush off the small things.’”


Bogart then stopped drinking her beer and screamed, “Oh my god, does this vodka soda have gluten in it?!”


Bogart won’t allow a single grain to pass through her digestive tract, but she continues to digest casual bigotry just fine.



Bogart also believes that a lot of people have misconceptions about what it means to be gluten-free. She’s convinced a little education could go a long way.


“I don’t think it’s that hard for people to understand the struggles my gluten-free community goes through,” she says. “And there are a lot of easy ways to support me, even if you eat wheat. Call your senators.”


Bogart’s non-white friends agree that she’ll probably never be able to understand their struggle. But, thanks to Bogart’s constant complaints, her friends have a very good idea about what living as a gluten-free white woman is like.