Wedding Hashtags You’ll Share With An Aspiring Bodybuilder

Instagram hashtags are a great (and free!) wedding tool that allow you to aggregate photos from your special day. Which is why these days, finding a perfect wedding hashtag is almost as important as finding the perfect dress. Unfortunately, lots of hashtags are being used by all kinds of people, which means you might have to share yours with a #fitspo bodybuilder. Here are some wedding hashtags you might have to unfortunately share:



Aw! His last name—and your soon-to-be last name—is Numner, and this clever pun couldn’t cuter! It is unfortunately also the hashtag of aspiring bodybuilder Hans Numner, which means that pics of an oiled up Hans will live next to all the sweet photos your aunt took of you dancing with your dad.



Your last name is Muscle and his last name is Buff so this classic seems like a no-brainer. But, yes, there is an aspiring bodybuilder who uses this hashtag.



Ok you’re sort of walking right into this one with the last name “Fist” and all. But it’s not your fault! Just know that there is an aspiring bodybuilder in Encino, CA who loves to take selfies and is excited for the world to “meet his fists.”



Hard to say exactly how this would apply to a wedding, but maybe you both have great butts? Anyway, if this is your wedding hashtag you can bet you’ll share it with an aspiring bodybuilder who’s ass cheeks are getting married as part of an elaborate and insane social media bit.



You love telling the story of how you met at an Equinox, but when it comes to wedding hashtags, this pun does put you in some interesting company!




The Berkowitz’s love to party! So why not reference it in this fun hashtag that is also the hashtag for an aspiring bodybuilder in Long Island who lives with his mom and is having a party while she’s in the hospital overnight. Your bohemian inspired reception will 100% be side-by-side with photos of his Rocky-themed house party, as well as close-ups of his t-bone tattoo.


Finding an original and fun wedding hashtag is hard to do, but it’s safe to say that you’ll definitely find some overlap with at least one bodybuilder. Good luck!