Viral Video Star Propelled to Popularity at Dead-End Job

When Nicole Stanton posted a video on YouTube of her dog sneezing on the beat to Katy Perry’s “Roar,” she didn’t think much of it. But when a Redditor scooped up those 15 seconds of adorability and re-posted it for the entire Internet to see, Nicole skyrocketed to a topic of water-cooler conversation at a dead-end job she considered to be “like resolving to sleep on the bathroom floor after a night of vomiting.”


Seemingly overnight, Stanton went from the office’s “bitchy quiet girl” to the revered “YouTube girl.”


“They keep calling me famous,” says Stanton. “I’m scheduling their shuttle services to the airport,  but I think they might actually believe I’m going to be on the red carpet next week.”


Normally dubbed a “rock star” for successfully merging Cisco conference calls, her nearly 2 million YouTube views have allowed Nicole the honor of being tasked with punching up an internal newsletter with “the ClipArt of her choice.”



“It looks like we’ve been underestimating Nicole this whole time,” says office manager, Rick Davidson. “We didn’t realize she was one of those creative types.”


“I was hoping to find another job in the next month or so, but given the attention I’m getting, I may hang on for two or three,” Stanton said while half-checking her LinkedIn notifications.