Woman Arrested for Breastfeeding Stranger’s Eight-Pound Chipotle Burrito

Susan Brittle found her day-old, eight-pound Chipotle burrito missing during the lunch hour rush on Tuesday. A frantic Brittle alerted authorities that the burrito was abducted, and immediately put out a state-wide alert for the 8.5 pound, 12-inch tin-foiled lunch item.


“We found him wrapped in a blanket held by a woman who had him halfway inside her shirt,” said Peter Savick, the police officer who rescued the barely-day-old burrito. 43-year-old Janice Sandoval was arrested at the scene after attempting to nurse Brittle’s burrito.



“She looked very unnatural holding it, so I just knew it wasn’t hers,” said one witness.


Sandoval, a local real estate agent, had been battling a bout of depression after eating her own seven-pound carnitas burrito just a few days earlier.


“I’m just happy it’s safe.” says Brittle, who ate the burrito shortly after it was returned to her and will not be pressing charges.