In Defense of Stirring Up Controversy

Wow – there’s been a LOT of talk about stirring up controversy this week! The latest opinions on stirring up controversy broke on Reddit and were picked up by the blogs. Cable news brought in Controversy Experts for 24/7 coverage. As an Internet journalist who has taken an online course in SEO, I’m proud to tackle the stirring up controversy issue. I hope you’ll join me in honoring controversy by sharing this article on social media or at least clicking around the homepage to show your support or hatred for my stance.
While much has already been said about it, I’m writing this piece to add a crucial point to the debate on stirring up controversy: my opinion. It’s 2014 – the year we acknowledge that stirring up controversy is here to stay. And that’s good – I want my children to grow up in a world where stirring up controversy is a natural part of daily life.
Controversy is in the workplace; it’s at home, and let’s admit it – we all thought about what it would be like to be controversial. I even have a friend who’s controversial!

Do I mean to offend those across the aisle, or preach to the converted? Yes. But my primary goal is that these 500 words reach 500 so my editors know I have 500 words to say. If you think that’s controversial, keep reading.
A team of PR Executives thought my opinion on controversy would cause a stir – and it certainly has. I appreciate your support at this difficult time as I struggle with being persecuted for my opinion. Every share on social media helps.
Some may call for me to apologize for supporting controversy. Please do so publically. (Not on public radio. We all know radio is dead.) To my loyal controversy converts – I will not apologize for any of my statements! I will never compromise my support for the vocal controversy community. Nonetheless, I am available for televised non-apology apologies. Any inquiries for bookings can be submitted to my agent.
Remember: the only wrong opinion is for you not to have a very strong and controversial opinion!