This New Podcast Will Blow the Lid off Your Butt

The renowned women’s site, Reductress, has bravely launched a brand-new podcast, The Reductress Minute. Hosted by the amazing, beautiful and kind editors of Reductress, this podcast gives a rundown of the week’s top news stories via the Reductress site, in salacious detail, and… people are talking. Especially us.


It’s literally so good that if you listen, the lid will be blown straight off your butt, we swear.


“This is legitimately the best podcast I’ve ever heard in my life,” says host of The Reductress Minute, Rachel Wenitsky.


So far, the podcast has featured the voices of celebrities such as Janeane Garofalo, and Katie Couric, and as far as we can tell the dynamite women’s pub is just getting started.


“This is really great,” said one internet commentator. “My butt is blown.”


“I liked this in my ear,” read an iTunes review. “But I liked it more in my butt.”


“Please stop, Reductress!” pleaded Hugh Jackman from the red carpet. “I listened to just 30 seconds of this podcast and the lid of my bum flew right off!! What do I do?! I’m Wolverine!!!”


“I can die now,” said star of the stage and screen Bernadette Peters. And then she did! RIP Bernadette!


The Reductress Minute features top talent, such as Patti Harrison, Jasmine Pierce, and Mara Wilson, reading news direct from the site with their luscious vocals. So far, we at Reductress are smitten with the podcast that we ourselves made!


Reductress editors agree: “The Reductress Minute is the pinnacle of informative, bite-sized audio content.”


To learn more about The Reductress Minute, click on any of the sneaky links above, or find it on iTunes and Stitcher. If you love it, don’t forget to leave a review.