There’s A Special Place in Hell for Women Who Don’t Help Me When I’m Trapped Down This Well, Again

As women, we have a moral obligation to support each other no matter our differences. We all experience sexism and we all suffer the oppression of living under a patriarchal society, so to turn your back on another woman would almost be a worse offense than anything committed by a man. That’s why I believe there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help me when I’m trapped down this well, for the third time this year.


Seriously, I keep tripping and falling into the same well and no woman has rescued me yet. Betrayal of the sisterhood much?


If that sounds overdramatic, consider this: Me being trapped at the bottom of this well is emblematic of the place women hold in our society, and these steep, damp walls are almost exactly like the glass ceiling. The fact that not a single woman has dropped everything and rushed out to rent a comically long ladder that would rescue me shows just how malignant internalized misogyny can be.


Speaking of, I really think one of you should buy a ladder at this point because I’ve been down here for like three days now and I’m super, super dehydrated. Also, you would want other women to help you in this situation. We only succeed if we’ve got each other’s backs and mine is pretty busted from repeatedly falling into this well.


If you’re a woman and you’re reading this, perhaps you’re not helping me because you see me as competition. Perhaps you feel that if you help me out of this well, I’ll beat you to that corner office, or steal your husband. While I could easily do both of these things, I won’t, because I support other women and also I know I’ll probably wind up in this well again and believe it or not, no matter how many times I’ve fallen I actually don’t like it down here.



So stop thinking of me as a threat, and start thinking of me of me as a fellow woman who just happens to have fallen down the same well several times because it really looks like there are pennies at the bottom!


Ugh! Have you all suddenly lost your innate sisterly instinct just because you’ve used up all your personal days to help me out of this same well a bunch of times already? We’re all women here. We all live in a harsh, unforgiving, patriarchal world full of poorly placed wells and we need to focus on lifting each other up and supporting each other! A good place to start is by literally lifting me up and supporting me out of this well, with your own bodies if necessary.