I’m Starting a Pin Collection So Don’t Tell Me I’m Not Quirky

I’m all about the most fun, cutest, weirdest trends there are. I have a closet full of printed overalls, skirts with woodland creatures on them, and two sweatshirts with cats in space. And now I’m starting a pin collection! So there’s no way you have the right to tell me I’m not quirky.


None. So don’t even try it.


My mom had a pin collection in the 80s, so retro! She used to keep them on a denim jacket. I’m putting mine on a jacket, and on my messenger bag. I have too many pins to keep them on just one accessory. Isn’t that so funny and odd of me? The answer is yes! Got it?


You see, my pins are how I express my individuality. Not even what’s on the pins, just the fact that I have pins. That’s part of my personality now! Yeah, I grew up in a normal suburb and drive a Kia, but look! I just got a pin with Zack Morris’ face on it. Remember him, from Saved By the Bell? That show isn’t on anymore, but I still got a pin from it! Isn’t that like, so 90s?


Honestly, I dare you to tell me I’m not the most odd person you’ve met, but in like a cute and funny way. I fucking dare you.


Right now I have around 25 pins, but I’m hoping to double that by the end of the month. They’re just so fun and worth every penny and small hole it pokes in my clothes! And if one of them accidentally unhooks and stabs me, it won’t even hurt because it will be so freaking adorable. I may work in marketing, but my passion for old-fashioned accessories is unparalleled, and you can’t take that eccentric trait away from me!


I’m pretty sure my pins will attract new friends. Once people look past my medium-length hair and sensible shoes and stare at the back of my jacket, they’ll see that they might have the same oddball interests as me, or least have an interest in being an oddball, and we’ll hit it off! I already made small talk with a guy on the subway about my Royal Tenenbaums pin. I can’t imagine what my future holds, but I can promise you, it’s gonna have pins and it’s gonna be quirky as hell.


No matter what the rest of me says, my collection is proof that I am the weirdest, funniest person alive, and I refuse to hear otherwise. If you disagree with me, remember: I’m really good at not listening and I carry an inordinate amount of tiny, sharp objects on me at all times. Quirky, right??