I Could’ve Been An Olympian If I Wasn’t So Busy Being Popular in High School

Ever since I can remember, it has been my dream to compete in the Olympic games. After my mom signed me up for a single, drop-in gymnastics class at the park district, it was clear I had the perfect body type and natural athletic ability to compete as an elite gymnast. And I almost did—if it weren’t for just one problem: I was too busy being popular!


I would have totally been an elite competitor if it weren’t for my likability, which distracted the other girls. They had no choice but to avoid me, in fear it would throw off their balance on the beam. Even the coaches wanted to be my friend! I know this because they could barely do their job. I mean, I didn’t improve at all despite my incredible potential. Guess that’s how it shakes out when you’re cursed with so much popularity that it gets in the way of your dreams.


Despite this burden of people wanting to hang out with me all the time, I was still determined to fulfill my dreams of Olympic gold. While the many, many friends I made in that drop-in class went on to train for 40 hours a week, I decided to truly test the limits of my natural skills by taking months-long gaps in my training to socialize. I really wanted to get back to the gym before I turned 16, but my days were just jam-packed. Thwarted by my popularity again! What a burden.


On top of all that, my parents made it clear that academics had to come first. I could’ve easily taken advanced courses, but instead I selflessly enrolled in easier classes to make more time for training. But, being the social butterfly that I am, it was my obligation to throw epic, well-attended ragers for my classmates. Everyone wants to go to a party hosted by an aspiring Olympian!



By the time Olympic trials rolled around, I had no choice but to politely bow out of the competition. It was the toughest decision I’ve ever made, but I knew that high school would absolutely define the rest of my life, unlike the Olympics. My coaches say, “You haven’t trained for this at all and have been absent the past three years,” but I know they believe in me—and want to hang out ASAP!


In the end, I was so proud to watch my close, personal friends Simone, Gabby, Laurie and Aly win gold. Friends and family sometimes ask if I’m jealous, but that’s crazy talk. They’re the ones who are jealous of me!!