The Best Heels to Wear While Running to Stop Charles From Getting on That Plane

It happens to every woman at least once in her life: You’ve finally had the epiphany that, despite all the miscommunications, Charles really did love you after all. Unfortunately, on the bad advice of your friends, you told Charles you never wanted to see him again. Now, he’s about to board a plane taking him to London and out of your life forever. Never fear! Our style editors got together and found the top heels for when you need to look sleek and stylish as you run through the airport in an attempt to stop Charles from getting on that plane.


1. Nine West


Nine West Able Mid-Heel Pumps (Macy’s, $79)

These cute and comfortable slingbacks are perfect for throwing on as you dash out the door once you realize there’s no way you can let Charles go without a fight. The sexy peep toe allows you to show off your perfect pedicure once you definitively make up your mind that you’ve cared for Charles all along. You may have been a fool before, but these sensible shoes prove you’ve come to your senses!





2. Wedges


Manolo Blahnik Plusanda Lace Doubleband Sandal (Bergdorf Goodman, $955)

You’ll feel like a goddess as you race through the airport while you yell, “Charles! Wait! Wait! I’ve made a mistake!” in these sky-high stilettos. These shoes are surprisingly mobile despite their four-and-a-half-inch heel. Plus at $955, these are a steal—so don’t let London steal Charles away for good!





3. steve madden


Dashing to Dinner Wedge (ModCloth, $34.99)

These whimsical wedges will elongate your legs as you stand in front of the ticket counter desperately explaining that you need a ticket to anywhere, it doesn’t matter where, you just need to get through that gate. As you give your lengthy speech on the meaning of true love that seems to take up more time than you actually have, the applauding crowd that has gathered around you will admire your legs for days!





4. manolo


Steve Madden Flapper Fringe Booties (Akira, $169.95)

Glam up those gams as you dart through airport security in these blue suede shoes. It’s almost as if these playful, towering booties were designed specifically for rectifying past mistakes—they’re just that fabulous! Nobody will care that you’re doing things that technically constitute acts of terrorism per Homeland Security while you’re looking this on-fleek!





5. rene caovilla


Rene Caovilla Embellished Ankle Cuff Sandal (Neiman Marcus, $1,800)

Sparkle in these Swarovski crystal-studded dramatic shoes as you stop Charles from getting on that plane at the very last second. When you and Charles share a slow-motion kiss, it’ll be hard to tell if the airport onlookers are applauding for the power of love, or for these extravagant kicks!





Once you’ve darted after the love of your life in these high-fashion heels, you’ll live happily ever after with both Charles and much too much credit card debt! Just don’t spend too much time trying them on—his flight leaves tonight!