5 Holiday Style Tips to Look Just Like Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Christmas With The Kranks’

Holiday fashion decisions can be tough. From sweater tights to cable-knit turtlenecks, there are so many styles appropriate for Christmastime that it’s hard to choose a look to shoot for. Why not just settle for the unexpected normcore duds of Jamie Lee Curtis’s character from the 2004 film Christmas with the Kranks? Here are a few classic accessories we recommend if you are into looking like the female lead in a two-and-a-half star Christmas movie.


Turtleneck With a Holiday Print

We know what you’re thinking: “Ugh, classic regular Christmas woman. Isn’t that a little played-out?” Think again! This turtleneck paired with just about any of our other accessories will have you turning heads; heads that are thinking, “Nora Krank? Is that you? If so, why are you still wearing holiday sweaters if you aren’t celebrating Christmas this year?! Also, aren’t you fictional?”



Sweater Vest With a Clashing Holiday Print

Crank up that Krank with another sweater item on top of your sweater with a conflicting holiday print! This combo really is on the edge of fashion, at least as far as your aunts are concerned. Someone get Armani on the phone—or at least Activia!


A Short, Midwestern Bob Haircut

Ever wanted to drive a Tim Allen-type wild? Try the short, Midwestern bob cut! Many wonder what the difference is between a regular bob and a Midwestern bob, and it’s subtle, but it mostly has to do with how often the wearer holds her arms up in exasperation and says, “You forgot the white chocolate!” to her husband.


A Hickory Honey Ham

No one loves hickory honey hams as much as Nora Krank, so don’t even step! That’s why a ham is standard for the classic Krank look around the holidays. If you can manage to drop it by accident, watch as it rolls into traffic, and scream at the top of your lungs, congrats—you’ve the master of this look!



Scarf That Doesn’t Even Come Close to Matching Your Ensemble

The only thing that can complete a Nora Krank-style ensemble is a scarf that matches absolutely none of it. At least with the sweaters she had a color scheme going, but not anymore! Pinterest told us there was a beauty in our incompleteness, and Nora’s style proves it to be true. Thanks, Nora!


Now that you know all of Nora Krank’s style secrets, you’re ready to show the world a look straight out of everyone’s favorite 5%-on-Rotten-Tomatoes Christmas movie, Christmas With The Kranks! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and Krank it up!