The 6 Best Movies For Your Boyfriend To Watch While You Fall Asleep


So you’re already in bed and ready to go to sleep, but your boyfriend casually asks, “What about a movie, babe?” Of course! Here are six movies that’ll keep him engrossed while still being peaceful enough for you to sleep through.


Shawshank Redemption

With its account of an inspiring prison escape in rural Maine, this film has held the #1 spot on IMDb’s Top Rated Movies and the #1 slot on your list of “Movies you can definitely sleep through.” Let Morgan Freeman’s soothing voice lull you into deepest slumber.


2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s 1969 visual masterpiece is widely touted as the greatest science fiction picture of all time, and with good reason. Your boyfriend will be raving about the special affects and the film’s “message” while you peacefully drift off to sleep.



This 2000 Christopher Nolan smash hit uses complex plotting and break-neck action to build dramatic suspense until it reaches an explosive breaking point. That tension is perfect for keeping your boyfriend on the edge of his seat and totally invested while you slip slowly out the back door of consciousness.


Das Boot

Few foreign films have had the critical reception of this 1981 West German epic about a submarine under fire. Even fewer films are this long and this boring. Grab the special uncut DVD for a four-hour slogfest that’s guaranteed to have you both sawing logs before you can say, “Wunderbar!”



Lost in Translation

This charming Tokyo travelogue set indie filmgoers hearts on fire with its portrayal of modern existentialism when it came out in 2003. Best of all, it has no plot whatsoever, which means no one can quiz you afterwards about what happened because you were asleep from the opening credits and onward. If any questions do come up you can just look cloudy-eyed into the middle distance and say, “It was a tender portrait of love in our time.”


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Talk about crossover appeal! This Spaghetti Western is considered by many to be the greatest cowboy movie of all time. It also features no dialogue for the first ten minutes, a white noise machine that validates your BF’s masculinity, all while you sleep!


There you have it! Nothing beats watching a movie with your man while you’re completely unconscious next to him. You can easily fall asleep during any of those snooze-fests while your boyfriend remains riveted. Sweet dreams!