Slay! This Girlboss Inserted a Picture Into a Word Doc

Yesterday at 4:28 pm, Lisa Matthews did something amazing while working at her remote job. When she was drafting up a report for her boss, she used her wit and know-how to insert a JPEG directly into the Word doc.


Okay, woman in STEM!


Lisa’s job wasn’t very exciting until she thought of a crazy idea while making marketing materials for her employer.


“I was just like, maybe I should put a picture in to add some spice,” Lisa told us. “So I Googled it and was like, wow, I can really do this!”


And it absolutely was.


In the section about summer advertising concepts, Lisa put a clipart photo of the sun wearing sunglasses into the document, which impressed and delighted the entire office.



“I was NOT expecting to see that,” her boss explained. “But when I saw the sun wearing sunglasses I just couldn’t stop smiling! It definitely showed Lisa’s technical skills and marketing abilities.”


Lisa shortly got a promotion after sending the document with the picture in it.


“I’ve been working so hard at this company for over five years,” Lisa continued. “But who would have thought that sending a document with a cool photo in it would have finally gotten me that big promotion?”


“I’m definitely going to start putting photos in every document now,” Lisa explained. “I’ve come so far – who knows where this could all go?”


We reached out to Lisa’s coworkers about the inserted picture as well.


“I just don’t really get it,” said Lisa’s coworker Michael. “Like, it’s just a normal document with a picture in it. Why is everyone so impressed?”


We also got a comment from Lisa’s other jealous coworker, Hanna, who said, “It’s not even that great of a picture. It also completely messed up the order of the document.”


Obviously, some people just don’t get it.


Despite the haters, we wish Lisa luck at her new and even better job, and we also hope that this inspires people everywhere to just put a silly little photo in their work documents. Slay!