Incredible! This Woman Resisted a Man’s Charms Even Though He Kept Repeating Her First Name in His Texts

In a jaw-dropping show of self-restraint, Lexi Sanchez recently received several texts from a man who kept repeating her first name in texts, yet managed not to swoon, exclaim, “Take me!” or collapse into his arms.


Talk about self-discipline! We simply have no idea how she pulled this off.


After meeting for a few dates and generally clicking so far, Lexi and Corey have been texting each other nearly every day. While their conversations have been wide-ranging, there have been two common factors all the while: Corey adding “Lexi” to the end of each of his texts, and Lexi having to use all of her willpower not to immediately abandon her hopes and dreams to dedicate her life to being his muse.


Whether the text is “wyd lexi,” “lmaooo ur so funny lexi,” or “okay damn lexi,” the effect is the same: Lexi feels seen and validated and loved and appreciated and inexplicably horny all at once. But somehow, despite the overwhelming euphoria she feels every time Corey graces her with the gift of her own name, she has resisted eloping with him and following him wherever on Earth he may go.


“I’ve always known that hearing my name in bed is hot,” Lexi tells us. “But I’ve only recently started to realize that hearing my name in any context is hot. And in fact, just reading my name—simply seeing the letters of my name in the correct order—is enough to shake me to my core. And that’s what Corey brings to the table.”


“There are some things in life that you just need a partner for,” Lexi adds. “You need someone to share your deepest secrets with. You need someone to be there for you from your highest highs to your lowest lows. You need someone who has memorized how to spell your name and is willing to text it to you repeatedly. What am I supposed to do, say my own name?”


“Lexi,” Lexi mumbled to herself just to see how it felt. “Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi. Nope. It’s not the same.”


By the end of her most recent exchange with Corey, Lexi was sweating bullets, visibly shaking, and nearly drooling in response to his liberal use of her Christian name. But she hasn’t borne his children yet, and we can call that a victory!