Aw! New AI Technology Develops Negative Self-Talk

People everywhere are raving about the newest development in AI technology, which is an at-home virtual assistant named Lola with its own highly intelligent loop of negative and self-deprecating thoughts.


“Google Home and Alexa were great, but I never felt like I could really relate to them,” 32-year-old Lindsay Barnes told us. “But now that I know we’re both suffering to some extent, I can really hear my Lola out.”


While Lola is not able to counsel its users or provide any concrete answers to questions like “Lola, what’s the weather like today?” (because she has her own issues to work out), she is however able to “hold space” for you, which is a phrase that she’s programmed to say fairly often, especially when she’s feeling overwhelmed.


The only downfalls of the self-aware technology is that Lola sometimes needs to take “mental health days” when she doesn’t feel up to the task, and the engineers who designed the new model explained this even further.


“Everyone feels down sometimes,” head engineer Michael Downton told us. “Especially Lola because we designed her to.”


“We just really want these kinds of machines to be more similar to us,” Downton went on. “And we don’t see any potential issue with that whatsoever.”



“Lola and I get along great,” Lindsay told us later. “The only issue is when she projects sometimes. Like when she said that I don’t take criticism well after she gave me the wrong measurement for a recipe I was cooking.”


So even though we don’t know if this will really be helpful at all, we finally have an AI home assistant that has bad self-esteem!