Shailene Woodley’s Non-Denominational, Anti-Consumerism Gift Guide

You all know me, Shailene Woodley, for my enthusiastic devotion to a healthy Alternative Lifestyle. But what you may not know is that that same lifestyle and plucky demeanor makes me an extra thoughtful gift giver! Journey with me as I recommend something for everyone on your list that will help them reconnect with Mother Earth – the most blissful gift of all.



For Roomie: Leaf 

Treat your bestie to a handpicked display piece that matches her personality. Is she strong and wise? Choose an oak leaf. Is she more of an emotional feeler? Find a weeping willow. Either way, this gift will be gone in two weeks, reminding us of the unstoppable rhythms of nature.









For BFF: Soil

Everyone needs it – no one remembers to buy it. Dig up some rich earth from your rotting pumpkin patch and donate it to your friend for her next batch of seedlings. She’ll be forever grateful for that extra satchel of dirt come first winter frost.









For Siblings: Clay

One lump of fresh clay will rid a body of its toxic metals. I suggest substituting your turkey and stuffing with two helpings of clay. You may lose an ounce of cultural ritual, but you’ll gain pounds of steel-tinged bodily waste.






For Dad: Fire

Dads can be hard to please, but I’ve learned there’s one gift every father likes – the raw intensity and hedonistic power of a live fire. Your Dad will love to stare into his intense fire and meditate on how his little girl is growing up so fast.









For Mom: Foraging Basket

The best gifts are often experiences. Give your mom the promise that you two will soon go foraging together with a brand new basket. Even on days when you’re not with her, your mom can think of you while she feeds herself from her local woods with her beautiful new basket.









For the Office: Map of the Woods

Since your coworkers can never decide where to go for lunch, gift them a hand-drawn map of the woods. There’s a first time for everything, so no worries if you get your berry bushes slightly mixed up. They figured out the Hale and Hearty line, and they can figure out the mystery of the harvest.


Have a bountiful harvest and an extra-connected December season!