Sexual Fantasies That Are Just Christy Carlson Romano Yelling at You

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, it’s important to open up and share your sexual fantasies with your partner. Maybe you want to be tied up, maybe you want to have sex in a public place or maybe you just want Even Stevens and Cadet Kelly star Christy Carlson Romano to scream in your face. Here are four sexual fantasies that are simply Christy Carlson Romano ripping you a new one.



Nothing is hotter than pretending your longtime partner is a stranger you’re meeting for the first time. All of the sexy dangerous energy with none of the actual risk? Sounds perfect! Head to a bar and have your boyfriend wear a cargo hat, introduce himself as Cadet Officer Jennifer Stone from the Disney Channel original movie Cadet Kelly and immediately scream, “You’re on my list, maggot!” Wow, Christy Carlson Romano is so fucking hot! We’re honestly wet!

An Affair

It can be hot to imagine having an affair with someone, but instead of ruining your relationship, just role play an affair with your partner! Tell your boyfriend that your “husband” will be home any minute so you “have to be quick.” Then, have him put on a clean cut cardigan, pin his hair up with butterfly clips, and scream, “LOUIS!” at you thirty times. You’ll have flashbacks to watching Ren Stevens scream at her brother in the Disney Channel classic and you’ll honestly come in no time!



Have your girlfriend play a teacher while you play a very bad student who needs a spanking. Turn around so you can imagine it’s not your girlfriend, but instead bad bitch Kim Possible because Christy Carlson Romano played her too, if you can even believe. Imagine her slapping your ass and screaming, “Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me!” Sorry, but Christy Carlson Romano came to play. Accidental lesbian icons, that is!



Inviting a third person into your bedroom is incredibly erotic, but if you decide to do this, you’d better make sure it’s Christy Carlson Romano. You had weird unexplainable feelings for her as a child and now is your chance to get her to shout “maggot” in your face again and again until you come. Your partner might not be into it but this is about you and your very specific 90’s fetish!!!


Try out these sexual fantasies that are simply your favorite Disney Channel star fucking destroying you. And if you aren’t turned on by her screaming in your face and humiliating you in front of all the other cadets, you actually don’t deserve sexual pleasure! Bye, bitch!