My Kink is Men Leaving Me Alone

As I’m getting older, I’m finding more and more opportunities to explore who I am and learn about myself. Specifically, I’ve been experimenting in my sex life and trying to figure out if there’s anything I haven’t tried that could arouse me in new and exciting ways. And it’s working, because I’ve recently discovered that I have a kink! As it turns out, nothing turns me on more than men leaving me the hell alone.


It feels so naughty to admit, but after months of pretending I didn’t notice, I can’t deny that it sends a sexy shiver down my spine when I’m laying in my bed in some lacy underwear and a man is not booty calling me, sending me unsolicited dick pics, or interacting with me in any capacity. I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it!


Interestingly enough, this kink is not just for the bedroom. Sometimes when I’m going about my day in public, and a guy walks by me on the street without so much as looking lustfully in my direction or uttering a single word to me about my appearance or what I’m wearing or even the weather, my clothing starts to feel uncomfortably tight and my breathing hastens.


I know it sounds crazy, but I’m sex positive, so I’m just accepting it as my truth!


Some women are into spanking and choking, some women like to peg. I’ve just happened to find my own way into the kinster world through the pure tantric ecstasy I experience when I’m minding my own business at a coffee shop or a bar or the gym and all the dudes around me are also minding their own respective businesses and paying no sexual attention to me whatsoever. Ugh, so hot!


When it comes down to it, I’m so glad that I chose to explore this part of myself. Being vulnerable and experiencing all there is to experience about my sexual desires has been so worth it, especially now that I know exactly what gets me off: all men completely ignoring my existence as a sexual being when I have not explicitly invited their gaze or attention. I can’t wait to see what I figure out about myself next!