10 Things Men Unexpectedly Love About Your Sister

It’s funny the little things men pick up on – the quirks of a woman that leave them breathless – especially when it comes to your annoying sister. In spite of everything, here are some things you’d be surprised to hear they find charming in her.


  1. Her Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria Perfume

Men love the lingering smell of women, even the smell of your sister’s over-saturated Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria perfume. Apparently they also love when she leaves lingering wafts of it on their sheets and in their jackets. Whatever, Gwen.


  1. The Way She Laughs Like A Big Dumb Baby

It seems that men love the guttural, cackling sound of your sister’s belly laugh. The way she expresses joy and amusement with reckless abandonment is a total turn-on to men, despite the fact that she didn’t even potty train until she was five.


  1. When She Lounges In Her Ugly Sweats

Several of the men polled have expressed that your sister is “her sexiest” without makeup in one of her many unflattering sweatshirt/lounge pant combinations. According to them they like her “natural look” and comfort with herself, and don’t seem to notice the unfortunate dry patches on her cheeks that flake off while she’s talking.


  1. Those Oversized Glasses She Refuses To Upgrade

Several dude sources confirm that your sister’s HUGE glasses are “sexy,” and make her look more intelligent and comfortable with herself. Apparently men are really into women who actively try to make themselves look less attractive and more annoying.


  1. Her Overbearing Smile

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and smiles are the hugs of the face, or some bullshit. In any case, men seem to love how your sister won’t stop smiling like a dumb high-schooler who tried Molly for the first time. They think it’s “warm” and must not know anything about smiles.


  1. All Those Fucking Burgers She Eats Instead Of Salad

Men seem to think it’s carefree and sexy when your sister exclusively feeds her body trash burgers and never considers the long-term health implications of her decisions. They love that she’s comfortable enough with her body to do that, and also love that she lucked out on Mom’s metabolism and can pull it off.


  1. Her Spontaneous And Totally Irresponsible Nature

Remember last year when your sister quit her job and wasted her savings on a “self-reflective” tour of Europe? Apparently men LOVE that shit, and think it shows a zest for life. Obviously they didn’t have to host her lazy ass for two months after her return.


  1. Those Five Meals She Cooks All The Time

Your sister has five meals in her Rolodex, maybe seven tops if you count her mac n’ cheese not from scratch, but men seem to literally and figuratively eat it up, marveling how attractive and domestic it is! They don’t know any better.


  1. How She’s Open With Literally Everyone

So, your sister won’t shut up about her feelings, that adoooorable kitten she found in her yard, or all her ideas about how humans should work together for betterment. Men seem to consistently find that charming and earthy and “real,” jokes on them when they hear her Coachella story for the tenth time.


  1. The Way She Accepts Even The Most Obnoxious People As They Are

It’s a known pattern that your sister will pretty much hang out with and be nice to anyone with a pulse, even if their whole personality consists of bad impressions of Season One Simpsons quotes. Luckily for her, men seem to think this means she’s loving and gracious and totally lifemate material.


You may not have seen it before, but these are the 10 little things that men unexpectedly love about your sister in spite of all of her annoying, dumb qualities that men don’t seem to notice as much.