Easy Fixes for Wet Skin

Wet skin is a problem that can strike at any time. Wet skin can be not only unbearable, but also lead to other serious problems. Find out why your skin is wet and what you can do to solve this embarrassing condition.


Why do women suffer from wet skin?

99% of American women will experience wet skin at least once a day. Wet skin can be circumstantial, resulting from showering, forgetting an umbrella, crying, nervously sweating through your blouse, or having had a drink thrown in your face. Wet skin can also be influenced by genetic factors, such as chronically clammy hands, overactive salivary glands, or leaky mucous membranes in the nose or vagina. Whatever the case, remember: Wet skin is not your fault.


How do I know if I have wet skin?

If you think your skin is wet, touch the suspected area. If it is at all damp or slick, you have wet skin. If your skin is not wet, you do not have wet skin.



How do I resolve wet skin?

The majority of wet skin can be solved with a simple towel. Take a towel and put it on the wet skin parts of your skin until you are dry. But unless further dryness measures are taken, skin is sure to moisten again.


Wear only terrycloth sweatsuits. If you find yourself out and about during the daytime, try wearing head to toe terrycloth. Paired with breathable Sketchers flats, this is truly a stylish way to stay dry all day long.


Avoid soap and opt for alcohol-based cleansers. Soap only works with water, which is the main culprit for wet skin. To stay sapped, skip the shower and switch to using all alcohol-based sanitizing products, which will leave your skin feeling bone-dry and paper-thin for hours.


If you must bathe, stay as far away from the water as possible. If you cannot avoid the shower, point the head as far down toward the drain as possible and stand on the opposite side of the tub. Use cold water only and rapidly dodge in and out of the stream to rinse. Do not forget to towel off IMMEDIATELY upon completion. Being wet can cause wet skin in a matter of seconds.


Invest in fans. Fans are an energy efficient, office-friendly way to combat skin moisture. While having a personal fan at your desk is good, two is better, but best would be a standing desk surrounded by a network of fans where you could stand in the nude, the evaporative cooling giving you total body peace of mind while you finish those spreadsheets.


Move less. Stand still – the more contact you have with other things the more likely it is for heat to transfer and moisture to begin to wick.


Sleep with your mouth open. Keeping your mouth open while you sleep dries out your tongue and your lips, leaving that potentially moist mess an arid hole by sunrise. It also adds a sultry, husky quality to your voice, similar to that of celebrated mouth-breather, Scarlett Johansson.


Wear a veil. Sometimes wet skin cannot be avoided, but you can save yourself the embarrassment of being seen with a mysterious veil. Others are more likely to excuse skin wetness if they believe you are old, in mourning, or both.


Stop crying. Just stop it already. You’re an adult woman, not a prepubescent orphan. Tamp those feelings down like a grownup and get on with your life.


Wet skin doesn’t have to mean the end of having skin that is not wet. With these tips, take matters into your own hands. If nothing else, water evaporates after a few minutes, so in a worst-case scenario, waiting is also an option. Stay dry out there, ladies!