Send a Flirty Message Using Only the Hair You Shed in His Apartment

Your man absolutely loves your long, luscious locks, even though you shed like a Golden Retriever who’s having a hot, stressful month. He may act grossed out, but that’s how guys have been flirting since the fourth grade! With a little creativity, you can repurpose those dead hairs to send a message that shows him how much you care. Before you know it, your left-behind hair will be a constant reminder of how cute and thoughtful you are!


On the Sofa

The last time your BF was looking for the Apple TV remote between the couch cushions, he made a comment about how there was enough of your hair in there to stuff a throw pillow. Whatever—his fault for getting a navy sofa! Instead of rolling your eyes at his fake-disgusted face the next time this happens, spell out a flirty message like, “Netflix and chill? :P” on a cushion and treat him to a laidback night in.


On the Floor

You love that your boyfriend takes care of his home, but he can get a little overprotective of his precious hardwood floors and plush carpets. Little does he know you’re leaving all that hair there to spell out a steamy message; it’s just taking more hair than you thought it would to write, “Meet me in the boudoir, hot stuff.” If he asks you to put your hair back before you’ve finished, whip around your sexy mane like a pony in heat, and make him chase you to the bedroom saying, “Come on! It’s so gross.”



In the Shower

Nothing is hotter than taking a shower together. Next time you want to get nice and sudsy with your fella, use all that spare hair caught in the drain to spell out what you want him to do at bath time. Write something like, “You get me wet,” in your slimy, soapy hair on the wall. He’ll get so turned on, he may actually gag and run out of the room. Wow, you’ve got some sexy hair!



About His Hair

We love this technique to keep the romance alive with some sexy spelling for your man, but sometimes you need to send a message that’s a little awkward to bring up. If your boo has recently sheared off his magnificent facial hair, you might be stuck looking upon the boyish weirdness of his freshly shorn face. Now he looks like those 2006-era pictures of him on Facebook that you see when you accidentally click to the left, and it’s making you feel like a predator. You already know how much he digs your ‘do, so using your hair could soften the blow of a request to grow that thing the fuck back. Spell out, “You look like a teenager and it’s creepy AF,” anywhere you like. He’ll get the message loud and clear!


He loves how much you shed, probably! Use all that extra hair to let him know you’re thinking of him, even when you’re not around. Remember, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like—it’s what you say with it that counts.