How to Wear a Jean Jacket and Beanie Without Appropriating Bi Culture

As a decent and respectful person, you know how important it is to avoid appropriating the rich and storied culture of bisexuals. But what if you want to wear a stylish and trendy jean jacket and beanie without co-opting their heritage? Here’s how to perfectly style a jean jacket look without completely appropriating bi culture:


Accessorize, but not in a Bisexual Way

A jean jacket is an amazing layer that makes it easy and fun to accessorize! Try pairing with beads, a purse, and earrings to make your outfit fun – but whatever you do, don’t add enamel pins or patches that might signal that you are not completely straight or completely gay. And more importantly, bisexuals developed this distinct style many years before you ever discovered a jean jacket, so please honor them by abstaining, unless you’re going to a bisexual wedding or another event where this is required.


The Canadian Tuxedo

While the Canadian Tuxedo can easily be mistaken for bisexual culture, Canadian Tuxedos have occurred throughout various cultures throughout history, such as Canadians, Eastern Europeans, punks, and people who lived in the 80s. So while you can definitely don a denim-on-denim look without appropriating bisexuality, make sure your intentions are respectful by sitting in a chair normally and leaving your pant legs unrolled.



With a Dress

Dress up your denim look with a floral dress underneath! But whatever you do, don’t pair it with Doc Martens. Remember, this is an ancient tradition passed along for generations of bisexuals, so please respect them by leaving your Docs at home. People will be saying, “That person is definitely straight, or possibly gay, but absolutely nothing in between.”


We all want to enjoy the fun and versatility of a jean jacket, but please do it with respect for bisexual culture. Now get out there and find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend, but definitely not both!!