Scientists Discover ‘Adorably Clumsy’ Gene

clumsy gene

Scientists at University of Vermont are the first to identify the ACK1 gene, known as the “adorably clumsy” gene, said to increase the risk in women of sweetly tripping down hills or endearingly stumbling into occupied rooms naked.


“Around the age of twenty-seven, carriers of ACK1 express symptoms of extremely adorable clumsiness,” says kinesthesiologist Dr. Swetha Sarkar. “Blood flow is sent into the supraorbital ridge of the forehead, causing the growth of bangs similar to those that one may have had at age five. This reaction depletes oxygen sent to the extremities, resulting teeny tiny leg spasms and lapses of spatial clarity. It’s can only be described as so cute!


Women such as Zooey Deschanel and Jennifer Lawrence have recently come forward as carriers of the ACK1 gene, and have come together in solidarity to create the Foundation for Obstinate Offset Pedum Syndrome (OOPS).



For women suffering from this genetic mutation, frequently injured from trips and falls, they advise the use of eyelet parasols, opaque tights, and a quirky bicycle.