Racist, Door-Opening Snake Loses Credibility Among Fans

Remember Julius, the albino Burmese python that garnered Internet fame for his ability to open doors? Well Julius isn’t quite as charming as his viral videos would lead you to believe, according to sources close to the snake.
This week a video emerged of the snake making Nazi salute gestures with his body along with Instagram photos of him wearing a Nazi armband across his midsection.


“Julius is incredibly racist and everyone in the community knows it,” says one neighbor who prefers to remain anonymous. “He’ll never open doors for black people, or make popcorn for Hispanics, as cool as that video of him making popcorn may seem.”


Julius has come forth stating that the allegations are false. He claims that the Nazi armband was a costume he was wearing as a joke and the salute gesture was a misinterpreted dance move. He apologizes for any offense he may have caused.