Photographic Record of Woman’s Fat Years Disappears

fat years

Residents of Greenville, Kentucky are all familiar with the weight-loss success story of local Daisy Stone, who shed an estimated 65 pounds over the course of two years. However, friends have observed that the “before” photos that once dotted the walls of Stone’s modest ranch house have mysteriously disappeared.
“I used to go over there and marvel at the old photos of her, complimenting how far she’s come. But they’ve all been taken off the fridge and out of the photo frames,” says neighbor Sandra Stevens. “Even family albums have gone missing.”

Friend Louise Madison is equally perplexed. “I went over there for a barbecue and everything was normal. Then a month later at her husband’s birthday party, it was like her whole history had been whitewashed. All evidence gone.”
Daisy’s 15-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, explains: “Mom had barely left the house at all for a few years when she was heavier. I’ve learned from her never to let anyone to take photos or video of me when I’m over my goal weight.”
To that, Stone responded, “I don’t know what you people are talking about. I’ve always looked this way – and I dare you to find proof of otherwise.”