Woman Who Refuses to be Silenced Covers Mouth in Duct Tape

silenced woman

Friends and family are struggling to find who has silenced Kathryn Stubbs, a college student, who has been wearing duct tape over her mouth in protest for over a week. “We are behind her one-hundred percent,” city Councilman Jim Thorne, adds, “if she could just tell us who has been silencing her.”
Neighbor Carolyn Jacobs says, “She reminded me that there is still something to be angry about in our society – that women still have something to fight for. I just wish she would tell me what I’m supposed to be angry about.”
“Silencing women is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” says her father, Kevin Stubbs. “I hope I haven’t said or done anything to make her feel silenced. If I did, I’m sorry.”
“One thing we’re missing in this conversation is the voices of real women,” a college friend notes. “Personally I don’t think Kathryn is paying enough attention that.”

People have been taking her picture in various public arenas, believing her to make significant statement on the state of patriarchy, men, Capitalism, or a local political issue. One bystander is confident, “that it can’t be gay marriage anymore. That one’s for sure off the table.”
Another concerned bystander observed, “When she takes that shit off her face, it’s gonna hurt.”
His friend added: “She should put it on Youtube.”