How to Help a Man With His Problems While Your Thong is Fully Wedgied Up Your Vagina

It’s no secret that men often expect women to stop whatever they’re doing and help them with their problems. But it can be hard to perform so much emotional labor for someone, especially when your thong is slowly but surely sliding in between your vagina lips. However, it is possible. Here’s how to help a man with his very important problems while your thong is giving your vagina a full-on wedgie.


Find a Good Time and Place

If a male friend is looking to share something sensitive with you, make sure you are meeting in a relaxing, private space. Sit somewhere you won’t be interrupted even though you might have to interrupt the meeting when you excuse yourself and run to the bathroom to pick the soggy piece of lace wedgied into your vagina. Don’t worry, he’ll never assume you’re dealing with anything since he’s very much wrapped up in his own problems! Phew!


Listen With Care

When a man vents about his exhausting and thankless job, keep an open mind. Sure, he’s complaining about something every single person deals with, but maybe he doesn’t realize his stressors are extremely common and not worth the extra energy. He definitely doesn’t realize that other people are dealing with far more stressful situations, like having a string wedged into their vagina lips causing all kinds of friction, discomfort and stimulation. But his life is hard and that’s what matters!



Offer Advice

Your friend is sharing his relationship issues with you, which is funny because you’re about to break up with this thong. Of course he has no idea that the fights he’s having with his girlfriend pale in comparison to the war being waged between your wide vagina and the wet ribbon of discharge invading it. But definitely do some emotional labor for him even though his dick is resting comfortably in his loose boxers! That’s male privilege!


Use these tips to help a man solve the issues in his life while your undies literally floss your vagina lips. Of course you could always wear boy shorts if you’d prefer butt wedgies to vagina wedgies! Pick your poison, bitch!!