QUIZ: Is He Hot Or Does He Just Have Your Town’s Entire Supply Of Toilet Paper?

When trying to decide if a guy is worth breaking your quarantine for, it’s important to ask yourself some important questions. For instance, is he really, actually attractive, or did he just manage to hoard your town’s entire supply of toilet paper? Both are important, but how much? Take this quiz to find out!


When his insta comes up in your feed, he is always…

a.) Hot AF. He is often shirtless and doing some kind of manual labor.

b.) Offering to sell toilet paper at marked-up prices. People are getting really annoyed at him.


How would you describe him?

a.) Muscular, but with some meat on his bones, strong jaw, kind eyes.

b.) A loner and now a hoarder, apparently. Basically the most hated man in town. But you can see why it would be advantageous to have him on your side right now.


What is his family like?

a.) They’re all athletic but really down to earth. Friendly. He comes from good people.

b.) They own the bakery and knocked down the building next to it just to make a parking lot. Rumor is they have a luxury doomsday bunker in their backyard.


What would you imagine a date with him would be like?

a.) Maybe a hike in the woods, and a sweaty kiss against a boulder in his strong arms.

b.) Probably cooking him a meal and flattering him in the hopes that he’ll give up some TP at the end of the night.


What would you say is his biggest virtue?

a.) His looks, definitely.

b.) His large supply of toilet paper.





If you got mostly A’s, this guy is hot!

Congrats, you’re looking at a really hot guy. If you can swing it, it might be worth breaking quarantine to hook up with him.


If you got mostly B’s, this guy just has all the TP in town.

Sorry, the only thing this guy has going for him is his toilet paper collection. But right now, that’s not the worst thing. Use your judgment.