QUIZ: Is He Cheating Or Is He Cheating A Lot?

If you think your boyfriend is cheating on you enough to take a quiz about it, then he definitely is. But is this a fling or a series of affairs around which he has woven an elaborate web of lies to gaslight you into thinking he’s not cheating, which didn’t work, because you know he is? Take this quiz to find out how much he’s cheating on you because he’s definitely cheating at least a little.


How often does he bail on plans?


  1. 1-2 times per week
  2. 3+ times per week
  3. At this point, we don’t make “plans” because his schedule is just too unpredictable.


Is he good at talking to women?


  1. No, but since being with me his confidence has improved.
  2. Yeah, he’s good at talking to everyone. He works in sales.
  3. He’s amazing at it. And if he didn’t want to be with me, he would just say so. The man does what he wants, he doesn’t need to sneak around.


When he lies about where he was, what does he say?


  1. He’s really vague and changes the subject.
  2. He has a whole explanation about staying late at the office and the trains getting stuck.
  3. He doesn’t lie. He always tells me when he is with another girl, but it’s platonic. He has a ton of female friends and actually, I love that.


Is he secretive about his phone?

  1. Yeah, he won’t tell me the passcode.
  2. Yeah, he changes his passcode every 72 hours.
  3. His passcode is 0000.


What was his response when you asked if he was cheating?


  1. He got nervous and denied it, and he was really rattled.
  2. He got angry and told me I was cheating, which I’m not.
  3. He got really confused, then laughed and called me a “little oddball”.




Mostly As: He’s only cheating a little. Good news! Your boyfriend has, at maximum, one mistress, and they might just be doing mouth stuff. Obviously this isn’t ideal and he is definitely betraying your trust and possibly even putting your health at risk by lying about his sexual practices, but at least you can say you caught on rather quickly. Good for you!

Mostly Bs: He’s cheating a lot. Unfortunately, your boyfriend is involved in multiple affairs and has probably been lying to you in some capacity since the start of your relationship. Go ahead and dump him and don’t ever speak to him again even if he promises to change, and especially if he promises to change. Run. Run!

Mostly Cs: He isn’t cheating! Because he doesn’t consider you his girlfriend. In his mind, you’re not in an exclusive relationship. You’re not in any kind of relationship. In fact, you might be the side piece. He might have a girlfriend, but she definitely isn’t you. Maybe you should find out and send her this quiz.