How to Fit in With Other Queer People When You Have No Clue What a Birth Chart Is

Finding community as a queer person is essential for positive connections, support, and your own personal growth, but it can also be pretty challenging, especially when you have absolutely no fucking idea what a birth chart is. If you’re struggling to connect with other queers because of your lack of astrological knowledge, then follow the steps below to make some meaningful friendships in the LGBTQ community without being publicly shamed for not knowing what a “north node” is.


Bring up current events.

Since you don’t know your sun, moon, or rising sign, starting conversations about the news is a great way to relate to other queer people while not invoking astrology. If they ask you what house your mercury is in, try to change the subject to what’s happening in politics right now, or the current state of AI technology. Sooner or later, they won’t even remember to ask you anything more than what your sun sign is!



Just because you don’t know what a birth chart is, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn! Since it’ll be almost impossible to avoid other queer people asking and telling you about which signs are most compatible with whom, it might just be easier to sit your ass down and listen to what they’re all talking about. This way, you’ll be more prepared next time you hang out with the gays who already did their homework.



Talk about Myers-Briggs instead.

If you really don’t have anything to add to a conversation about your respective Venus and Mars signs, then it might be best to switch over to an entirely different way to analyze your personalities: the Myers-Briggs test. You can’t make your mom remember your birthtime, but what you can do is take an online quiz that’ll tell you exactly who you are in just four letters. Whether you’re an ENFP, ISTJ, or the other 14 types, chances are that the people around you will have taken that test too, and can talk about that instead of what the stars mean.


If you want to fit in with other queer people, but find that your lack of knowledge about birth charts is making you stick out like a sore thumb, then try some or all of these tips to make you seem like you know exactly what’s going on. They’ll never suspect a thing, unless you start acting like a real Virgo.