Get Him to Notice You by Liking Beer and Being Hot Though Just Being Hot Would Have Been Enough


Sometimes you need a secret weapon to set yourself apart from the competition in the male attention economy. Here’s how you can guarantee he sees you’ve got that special something by liking beer and being hot, even though you could really just stop after being hot because that’s more than enough in itself.


Figure out your taste.

Figure out what type of beer you like the most by first being hot and then trying lots of different beers on your own time. His eyes will be glued to you while you guzzle down your favorite brew because you’re a hot girl at this bar/party. You could replace drinking beer with sleight of hand magic and you’d still be good to go so long as you were born beautiful.


Be vocal about your interest.

While you are a hot person talking to a man, be sure to flex your beer affinity and knowledge. While you go off about your juicy, hoppy IPA you can guarantee he’ll be thinking, “Wow, I like that this woman who is attractive is talking to me.” And if he happens to be really into beer too then you’ll have something in common, we guess! It doesn’t really matter, but it’s definitely fine.



Get some beer accessories.

Show that you can’t get enough of this low alcohol content, extremely filling tan drink by decking yourself out with a bottle opener keychain or vintage Coors t-shirt. You’ll stand out immediately as the sexy lady who’s wearing a shirt. Is being hot necessary? Yes. But is it sufficient? Yes. Is it the only thing that really determines how someone feels about you on first sight? Definitely.


Open a beer bottle with your teeth?

You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to do any of this.


So try out these flirty tips or, alternatively, don’t! Either way will work perfectly for an aesthetically blessed person. And remember, if you’re not already hot, this will be of no help to you at all —you’ll just be the weirdo who’s obsessed with beer. Yikes!