QUIZ: Do You Really Like to Rollerskate or Are You Just a Bored Bisexual?

Rollerskating has been around for ages, and more and more people are putting on their cute and colorful skates now more than ever before! If you’ve recently picked up the hobby and you’re wondering if you genuinely like to rollerskate, or if you’re just a bisexual with nothing better to do, then take the quiz below to find out!


What do you like about rollerskating?

  1. I just love to skate around, and the exercise is an added bonus!
  2. I recently saw the movie Whip It and now a fast-paced roller derby match is the only thing I see when I close my eyes.


What’s the best reason to roller skate?

  1. Transportation and fun!
  2. To learn some tricks, and film a TikTok of myself doing them that will hopefully reach other roller skaters who also happen to be bisexual.


How bored are you right now?

  1. I’m not bored at all!
  2. If I don’t find something to do in the next two hours, I will pass away, bisexually.



Are you bisexual?

  1. Nope!
  2. Yes!




Mostly 1s: Congratulations! You eat, sleep, and breathe rollerskating. It’s a hobby that you can’t live without, and it has nothing to do with how preoccupied your mind is or your sexual orientation. Keep up the good work, and see you later, skater!


Mostly 2s: It looks like you only like to rollerskate because you’re bisexual and can’t think of anything else to do, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! We hope you find all the other bored bisexuals out there who love to hit the skate park too (just please wear protection!).