QUIZ: Are Your Parents Divorced, or Should They Be?

It’s a well reported fact that 50% of marriages end in separation or divorce, but what about the children of all these marriages? If you’re wondering which side your parents are on this spectrum, then take the quiz below to find out if your parents are divorced or if they absolutely should be.


How often do your parents fight?

  1. Not at all since they finalized their divorce.
  2. 1-5 times a day, but even more when they think no one can hear them.


Are your parents happy?

  1. Yeah, I think they’re both pretty satisfied with their separate lives.
  2. Happy can mean a lot of things. If you mean happy in like an “fine” or “this is just what life is” way, then yeah! At least that’s what they tell me!


Have your parents ever separated?

  1. Yes, and it was the best thing they ever did for themselves.
  2. Only emotionally!



Do they still have kids living in their house?

  1. Nope.
  2. No, so we really don’t know who they’re doing this for.




Mostly 1s: Yay! Your parents are already divorced! Congrats on having parents who know when to finally call it quits.


Mostly 2s: Sorry if you didn’t know this already, but your parents definitely need to get a divorce, and immediately. Maybe you can suggest a nice marriage counselor for them, but if that doesn’t work then refer them to some great lawyers instead!