QUIZ: Do They Have Their Shit Together or Do They Just Hang Their Pans on The Wall in The Kitchen?

While we all know that nobody’s perfect, some people are better at being adult people than other people, and it can be helpful to spot them so that we might learn their ways. Of course, it can be hard to tell the difference between one of these experts at existing and someone who simply makes chic and functional interior design choices. Do they really have their shit together, or do they just hang their pans on the wall in the kitchen? Take this quiz to find out!


How would you describe their general demeanor?

  1. They seem grounded in the present moment.
  2. I haven’t seen them in person for a while and/or ever, but from social media I have noticed that their pots and pans are hung from hooks in their kitchen that seem to have been installed for that very purpose.


Are they well rested?

  1. Eight hours a night, every night.
  2. Presumably one would have to be well rested to conceive of hanging their cookware on the walls of their sunlight-flooded kitchen, then following up on said plan.


Do they have stable relationships?

  1. They have familial/platonic/romantic relationships that they nurture with intention and care.
  2. Did I mention the cookware is all cast iron and stainless steel? None of that Teflon bullshit that I’m poisoning my bullshit body with before sticking it back in some cabinet or simply never taking it off my stovetop.


Do they have a richly developed interiority and set of values that make it easy to adapt and reflect when necessary without being overly concerned about the judgment of others?

  1. Yep.


Okay, do they have pots/pans hanging from the wall in their kitchen?

  1. Not sure?
  2. I know that you don’t really care and are only asking to toss me a bone but I accept. YES. Yes, they do. Also their plants are all alive, too.



Mostly 1s: If all you say is true, then it seems like this person basically has their shit together. Good for them. If you learn their secret, please let us know.

Mostly 2s: Clearly this person just has their pans hanging from the wall in their kitchen in a way that you think looks cool, and we can’t totally disagree. They might be a total disaster, but in this one specific regard, they’ve really got it on lock. Technically you could do this, too, but, like, what do you even need? Nails? A hammer? Too complicated. Anyway, now you know!